Kenny Shen

I'm a programmer based in Singapore. I tend to work with tools that are available and appropriate, but have a bias towards Haskell, Rust and other functional/typed languages. I'm currently working full-time at Anapi.

Outside of work, I'm mainly working on finishing my part-time studies (Mathematics) at Open University, building electronic projects (mostly audio related) as well as solving puzzles.

Functional things

Tinkering things

Typing things

Hardware things

Single board computers have become somewhat of a thing around the house me of late.

I shared recently at Hack and Tell about how I got around to DIYing audio. The slides are here and the recording can be found here.

  • A tiny dipole experiment Continuing experiments with full range drivers WIP
  • Novar Spud A sweep spud tube amplifier
  • Frugel-Horn Mk3 A pair of single driver rear loaded horn speakers
  • Open baffle Betsy A pair of open baffle full range speakers

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