I love keyboards. Strictly speaking, mechanical keyboards.

The feel of tactile browns or linears make me smile day to day when I get to work.
As a programmer this is my direct interface to the machines.

Here's a list of all the keyboards I've used/am using:

- Kinesis Advantage Pro (browns)
- Kinesis Advantage Pro (browns, modded with an arcade button under my palm)*
- Kinesis Advantage 2 (reds)
- Maltron L80*
- Iris split on Kalih browns*
- Iris split on Tealios*
- Atreus (browns)
- Atreus (linears)
- Unicomp Classic (buckling springs, APL legends)

* defunct

I used to solder keyboards from various kits, one of favorites being the Iris.
But I also tend to be "un-careful", and most of them are now broken, mostly from the USB
connectors snapping off due to me packing and unpacking the keyboards.

Now at work and at home, I largely stay with my Kinesis permanently wired to the desktops,
and I carry an Atreus with me whenever I bring my laptop out. I whip out the Unicomp when
I write APL, since I still haven't gotten fully familiar with all of the symbols.

The keyboard I find the most fun to type with these days is the Atreus that I slapped
Durock EV-02 linears on. It's buttery smooth to type on, and coming from the Kinesis and
larger split models, I'm surprised the compactness of the Atreus isn't restrictive in any
manner (save when I have to do some weird hot key combination).