Adventures in typing

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Typing for work

Like a lot of folks, I didn't really start with touch typing proper but rather adopted a "hunt and peck" approach. But sometime early 2017, I decided to work on changing that due to some mild symptoms of RSI and also to increase my typing accuracy. I suffered a month of painful transition before gaining some success touch typing at about 60wpm in Colemak. Since then, with the fact that I do type for a living, I've reached a stable rate of 75 to 80 wpm.

I've since moved away from the standard keyboards to split‐ortholinear‐tilted variants, my main workhorses being the Kinesis Advantage at the office and my Iris at home.

Typing for fun

I like taking breaks going to Typeracer. It's a good way to practice words that might not necessarily come under my daily programming vocabulary. I'm almost at a thousand races now at the time of writing this entry.

I also enjoyed Epistory ‐ Typing Chronicles. If you like a simple action and adventure game that makes you type this is definitely one to go for.

Some of my keyboards

The Iris, with Kailh box reds and Tealios for the thumb clusters.
Adding an arcade button to double up as a palm press Shift on my Kinesis.
My Stenomod.
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