Go bravely with Thoth!


I've been having much fun discovering the world of "Roguelike",
in particular, Nethack.

The actual fun is mostly in RNG having such a central theme.

From the moment you choose a character... well, I didn't. You can just go
with generate something (class, etc) and next thing, you're in this
newly created world, without a clue as to what to expect.

Kind of like Diablo, which was a game that took up much of my
younger years, but also much more. It's like a scramble of every
thing the game has to throw at you - items, monsters, secret doors
to rooms.

One moment the fountain grants you strength, next moment the same
carries a dose of poison... there's no predictability to be had.

The humor that comes and goes as you interact with the world around
you grows over time on you... at least it did for me.

And in a way, the whole game is like a giant DSL - you have a whole
list of actions, all bounded up to a series of keystrokes. And if memory
fails, just call up a prompt via '#' and type it in. Or look up the wiki
if it's your first few crawls through.

In a way, it reminded me of my first baby steps with Vim, which
is still a staple in my day to day work. Admittedly, I'm almost working
off CLion at work now, but (Neo)vim is always there when I need to open
anything else that isn't C++ related.

So in a sense, it is like playing a game right in the heart of your Vim
buffer. If you play remote like I do, you even have an IRC bot announce
your humiliating demise (which happens at some point). I find the whole
affair actually retro-warming; text is all you need, even in 2021!

Anything to keep me typing non-stop on my beloved keyboards. ;)