Terser import declarations

More fun with ghc-exactprint

I want to see if I can use it to generalize some operations with my prior explorations with the GHC API; expressing imported names as sets

The task at hand starts with identifying imports declarations we can "compress" — a list of exports from module A, and some adjacent import declaration A.B (x) and determine if A (x) is feasible. The possible outcomes can be visualized in terms of sets (and a great excuse for me to flex my LaTeX):

We could start by locating a handful of suitable functions to express our intent:

λ> :m +Data.Set
λ> let mExports = fromList ["foo", "bar", "baz"]
λ> let i1 = fromList ["foo", "qux"]
λ> let i2 = fromList ["qux"]
λ> let i3 = fromList ["foo", "baz"]
λ> union (intersection i1 mExports) (difference i1 mExports) == i1
λ> disjoint i2 mExports
λ> isProperSubsetOf i3 mExports

Let's translate that to a datatype we can pattern match on:

data CanMerge a
  = No
  | Partial (a, a)
  | Full a

canMerge :: Ord a => Set a -> Set a -> CanMerge (Set a)
canMerge xs ys
  | disjoint xs ys = No
  | isProperSubsetOf xs ys = Full xs
  | otherwise = Partial (difference xs ys, intersection xs ys)

To tie this back to GHC API, for any 2 adjacent import declarations, we ask for the former's exports, and the latter, and determine if we can merge any of the imports to to former. We can then take the list of CanMerge (Set Name) to rewrite the import declarations.

  :: [LImportDecl GhcRn]
  -> [(Module, [ImportedBy])]
  -> [CanMerge (Set Name)]
mergeableImports [i, j] exports
  = canMerge (getImportNames j) (getExportNames i j)
  : mergeableImports [] all_imports

Let's also define some helper functions to help with rewriting the source

mkIEVarFromName :: Monad m => Name -> TransformT m (Located (IE GhcPs))
mkIEVarFromName name = do
  loc <- uniqueSrcSpanT
  return $ L loc (IEVar noExt (L loc (IEName
    (L loc (mkVarUnqual ((occNameFS . occName) name))))))

addImportDeclAnn :: Monad m => Located (IE GhcPs) -> TransformT m ()
addImportDeclAnn (L _ (IEVar _ (L _ (IEName x))))
  = addSimpleAnnT x
    (DP (0, 0))
    [ (G AnnVal, DP (0, 0)) ]

We can now attempt to rewrite the import declarations. I also penned down some type synonyms for readability. My first attempt is a bit lengthy, so I'll only show the merge action for the case of a proper adjacent subset:

type Merges = [CanMerge (Set.Set Name)]
type Imports = [LImportDecl GhcPs]
type Rewrite = (Anns, Located (HsModule GhcPs)) -> (Anns, Located (HsModule GhcPs))

rewriteImportDecls :: Merges -> Imports -> Imports -> Rewrite
  (this : next : rest)
  (i1@(L l1 imp1) : i2@(L l2 imp2) : is)
  acc (anns, ast)
  = case this of
    No -> ...
    Full mergeDecls -> do
      let (L astLoc hsMod) = ast
          (mDecls, _, _) = runTransform anns (mapM mkIEVarFromName (Set.toList mergeDecls))
          Just (_, L locHiding currentDecls) = ideclHiding imp1
          imp1' = imp1 { ideclHiding = Just (True, L locHiding (currentDecls ++ mDecls)) }
          mergeImportDeclsFull (L l1 imp1') = do
            let hsMod' = hsMod { hsmodImports = acc ++ [L l1 imp1'] ++ is }
            addTrailingCommaT (last currentDecls)
            mapM_ addImportDeclAnn mDecls
            return (L astLoc hsMod')
          (ast', (anns', _), _) = runTransform anns (mergeImportDeclsFull (L l1 imp1'))
      if null is
        then (anns', ast')
        else rewriteImportDecls rest is (acc ++ [L l1 imp1']) (anns', ast')
    Partial (keepDecls, mergeDecls) -> ...

Within source plugins, we can play out the entire story from the given TcGblEnv:

testMergeImportDecls _ modSummary tcEnv = do
  runParser modulePath fileContents >>= \case
    Left () -> pure ()
    Right (anns, ast) -> do
      let canMergeList = mergeableImports user_imports all_imports
          (L _ hsMod) = ast
          allImports = hsmodImports hsMod
          (anns', ast') = rewriteImportDecls canMergeList allImports [] (anns, ast)
      print (exactPrint ast', anns')
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( Main.hs, Main.o ) [Plugin forced recompilation]

Original source:

  module Main where

  import Data.Bool
  import Numeric (showInt)
  import System.FilePath (isValid)
  import System.FilePath.Posix (isAbsolute) -- full merge
  import System.Environment (setEnv)
  import System.Environment.Blank (getEnvDefault, getArgs) -- partial merge
  import Data.String

  main :: IO ()
  main = do
    putStrLn "main"
    print (1 + 2)

Modified source:

  module Main where

  import Data.Bool
  import Numeric (showInt)
  import System.FilePath (isValid,isAbsolute)
  import System.Environment (setEnv,getArgs)
  import System.Environment.Blank (getEnvDefault)
  import Data.String

  main :: IO ()
  main = do
  putStrLn "main"
  print (1 + 2)

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