Kenny Shen - a really great way to deploy static content!

Update #2: After 2 months of writing Ansible roles we're finally at prime time. More details here!

Update: I've been helping with the project whenever I can - some of my rusty Ansible skills came in handy. I believe the HDB is the new server rack! If you are looking for a fun project to contribute to, why not join us?

My friend Sebastiaan started a really cool project called Commons Host. It's a easy way to deploy your static website(s). I really like the CLI interface but he's also working on a way to get deployments done via the web dashboard directly as well.

The sites are hosted on an Odroid board, and I'm proud to have one of these lovely lambs running at my home (and the second pop in Singapore):

If you're keen to be part of this awesome network, give him a ping at @sebdeckers!

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